How Did It Come To This​/​Permanent Feeling

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i was a fool
and you'd never loved anybody else
at times you were cruel
but i chalked it up to inexperience

i know you didn't mean to hurt me,
but it doesn't change the fact that you did anyway
and i've been trying not to hate you
but i just can't see any other way

please tell me why
feel like i'm going to lose my mind
how did it come to this?
when it started i thought it might have been worth the risk, but tell me--
how did it come to this?

what can i do?
i know it's hard to reconcile what your body says
wasn't it true?
i know you're not a bitch like my brother said

you know i didn't want to leave you
but i never really had a choice either way
there's got to be some kind of moral
there's got to be something positive to say

please just tell me why
because i've begun to lose my mind
tell me--how did it come to this?

is there something wrong?
do you think I'm small?
that's the point of this
could you have been the one?
would you take my heart, if ever i had one to give?
cause i know i'm irresponsible
and you expect too much, but we all need somebody to love
i know we tried with each other but
we never got it right

cause you and me
didn't know what it was we were doing
tell me--do you believe that our love was a permanent feeling?
come on home girl--won't you come home to me?

now one by one
as the days go on, i still can't get you out of my head
and i've been alone
i've been thinking on the things i should have done instead
cause i know it's been a long time
and you've been moving on--but baby, i want you to be mine
and if you trust me at all then
we could get it right

come on home girl
won't you come home to me?


from Tomorrow Is Not Tonight, released March 27, 2017



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