Tomorrow Is Not Tonight

from by Chat Line



it's getting harder not to feel it
when i wake up from the weekend
but if we make it to the evening
it's what we want, and it's what we get--what we need
baby come and take it
i give myself to you
and you can even fake it
cause i don't want the truth

because tonight we are
everything we want to be, anything we can see
is ours if we take it
so baby have another drink, cause tomorrow's not tonight

i don't mean to make you confused--right now, I just need somebody

you can call it self-destructive
but i've resolved to be destroyed
and since i can't do any better
then what the fuck, i might as well have fun while i'm here

and girl we'll never make it
because you're not what i need
but if you're down to fake it
you're coming home with me

oh, i don't want to be so confused
i just don't want to face it


from Tomorrow Is Not Tonight, released March 27, 2017



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